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October 04, 2003

(My apologies to the

(My apologies to the admin of boys suck. I made the mistake of thinking that their site has something to do with the plagiarist because one of the authors of the site is also named intimidatinglybeautiful. I am sorry for whatever confusion my link might have caused the webmistresses. Thank you for pointing out that error...)

I drop by Sinta's blog via my good, good friend and almost like a sister, Jet's, blog once in a while. (hmmmm... how come I've never linked Sinta to mine yet??? Note to self: Update links page.)

This morning, while I was working on my templates for my soon-to-be-up website, I thought about leaving a note on Jet's blog because we just had a fun and hearty 3-hour conversation on the phone. Thank God for phonecards, which, BTW, didn't deliver the promised 5 hours of talk time and gave us the usual "you have 1 minute left" after two hours of talk only. (Note to self again: complain to Manang about the "pongkan". Manang, harang yung pongkan na gibs nyo sa akin!) So since we weren't done yet, Jet phoned me for the next hour. (Bad, though, kasi nakaltasan na naman ang pangshopping namin sa outlet mall... hehehe)

Ok.. where was I.. oh yeah, Sinta...

So there I was reading Jet's feedbacks on her latest entry when, somewhere down the line of "commenters" (commentators??? commentors???), I read Sinta's message to Jet. And, without any permission, altho I hope they would forgive me for doing this, here is a part of what Sinta left on Jet's Feedback:

"Thanks for your supportive words on my entry. I was wondering if I was overreacting, but I felt so dirty, I just had to write down what I felt. I read that comment too from "the victim". It's really a cruel world we live in... but why let it continue being cruel? We can change that, but some people just don't want to."

So the curious cat that I am, (that might kill me someday, if this saying is true) I went to her site and tried to find out what caused the "dirtiness" Sinta felt.

It was about the exchange of words (hers and others and the "victims'") on what's been happening at Blogger Power right now. (Follow the links from Sinta's Blog 10/04/2003 : "Random Acts of Kindness")

To update you all, the plagiarist that I had blogged before has already been found and the people behind BP now know where she lives, her cellphone number and even know what she looks like.

So ok... the culprit has been identified. She's been receiving unfriendly txt messages and emails from people who got pissed by what she did. Later on, the culprit has apologized and maybe the people at BP (me included) are not satisfied with her letter of apology. They have reasons not to be convinced by the apology. Maybe I can give about a 50% benefit of the doubt, pero iha, naman kasi, bakit naman napaka-late na ng explanation mo? Pero sige, siguro nga kasi, naharass ka ng sobra at hindi ka na makapag-isip. Sige, sige na nga. Good but not quite.

They posted her picture to let everyone know who she is. Medyo alanganin yun, pero sige na rin, dahil nga raw ang FBI may pictures ng mga Most Wanted Criminals nila, so in parallel, may MWC din ang Blogger Power. Ok na rin - to put a face to the name.

Sinta burst the bubble of the whole "crusade" by calling FOUL when the people started maligning the appearance of the plagiarist. And some other posters agreed with her. The "victims" (they didn't identify themselves on their comments) think that what's being done to the plagiarist still isn't enough as compared to the humiliation, embarassment, the hurt that they've gone through because of the plagiarist's doing.

I have no doubt that the victims were hurt... it pained them to discover that their thoughts, their writings were blatantly copied by someone and pretended it was hers. But should it be "an eye for an eye"? "You hurt me, so I hurt you back and more"? I believe that there are many ways to skin a hunt, there are many ways to make a plagiarist pay for what she's done. It would have been more dignified to stop after the posting of the picture. "This is what she looks like. We have tracked her down, we are filing a case. Abangan ang court appearances." Period. End of story. The point has been made.

It may be humiliating to be accused that your writings weren't your own (as I could imagine some of the victims went through) but it's a lighter and better challenge to disprove that accusation specially with a lot of support from throngs of people. And personally, if that was me I would be non-chalant and just say, "If you dont believe me, I don't care. I dont have to prove anything to you." It was more embarassing to be posted on the net as a criminal, picture included. Ikaw ang may sala, mas malaki ang kahihiyang mararanasan mo. Mas lalo na kung wala kang pwedeng i-prove to the contrary.

But to malign someone for their appearance - THAT goes too far. You can't do anything about the face you're given (not unless you have the money to undergo plastic surgery and even then, the doctors can only do so much). It's the luck of the draw. Moreso, in the courts, you're being tried for what you supposedly did and not for what you look like. I would accept being punished for the wrong I did, but not for what I look like.

I would like to advice the people behind BP to stick to that facts. You have a case and you have (had?) the sentiments and support of the whole blogging community in the know of what's happening. Be the bigger persons. Conduct yourselves with the maturity that the plagiarist didn't have. We all know you're hurt and you've been wronged. We may not personally know what you went through, we may not know what it feels like to be plagiarized (altho some commenters went through the same thing) but despite that, you have our support. Because we dread to think what it would feel like to be victimized. We don't want this to happen again.

But I also dread to think that because of the current postings on the last entry on BP, you would lose a lot of supporters. I dread to think you would lose your supporters (like Sinta) because of the way things are being conducted on your end. We're in this together. Hindi tayo ang magkakalaban... Don't give the plagiarist the chance to laugh and say, "Sus, eh sila-sila, nag-aaway-away... anong klase yan???" Let the plagiarist feel that she messed with the wrong people. Let her feel she did something really wrong against an entity exuding an air of authority. An authority that deals with the facts professionally and with a stance of grown-up behavior.

And for Sinta, I respect you for not joining the bandwagon. You knew when to say "stop" and you speak your mind - nevermind if it's contrary to what the majority thinks. It takes a lot from a person to do so. And I admire you for that... I hope that the people from BP would realize that you weren't there to be an enemy. You did what you had to because you cared about the cause.

Because I believe you did care...

Replies: 13 Nagpansit

I'm new to this site and enjoyed reading this part of your blog. In my humblest opinion, I think that posting the persons picture, cellphone no. etc, etc was going a bit too far. Plagarism is definitly wrong but so is robbing someone's right to privacy. Maybe what the mods should have done was ban or moderate this particular person. This is just my opinion.

Ps. Wish I was there to witness this. :(

Pinost ni Jean @ 11/19/2003 04:49 PM MST

wow.. di pa pala patay to.. honestly, i think that posting her pic isn't to emabarass her(but then again, it really depends on their intention and the reaction of those who has seen the picture).. but i hafta agree that some of theme gone over board posting their comments and picking on bloggers who isn't on hteir side.. tsk tsk tsk..

Pinost ni lunacy @ 11/05/2003 05:55 AM MST

plagiarism, bottom line, is praise. but personal lang na opinion 'to.

don't any of us, growing up, never had someone we looked up to, whose kindness, whose greatness we wished to acquire...somehow?

i believe we are constantly "challenged" to be more than our prejudices, to be more than what we already little ways, in great ways.

this doesn't mean i approve. it only means i understand how it is be growing up. it only means i can accept...


Pinost ni ree @ 10/13/2003 11:34 PM MST

sienna...oo nga pala, bakit kayo lang ni jet ang nag syesyetehan sa fon? matagal ko ng gustong makuha ang fon nya sa balay nila, dehins ako sinagot. i got bat jay's cel fon, nagkamali akong tawagan kala ko haybol nila, 'pisina pala. heh. pang tsikas lang ba ang ablahan nyo ni jet? gusto ko namang makarinign ng tunay na boses ng mga ka blog ko, mauulol ako ng kakablog without the true voice of a person. puewde ko bang malaman ang numero de kampanilya mo? paki intervene nga kay jet to? magagalit ba ang 'ister moH? maybe send via my secret line?say Moh?

Pinost ni in fraternam meam @ 10/08/2003 12:56 AM MST

Haay Ateng! Sa maniwala ka't sa hindi, ngayon lang ako nakahawak ulit ng internet mula nang dumating si fafa... hehe.

Ateng, may email ako sayo. Pero for this, I would like to say, it couldn't have been said better. Winning is not defeating your enemies alone... it also entails graciousness in victory. I guess it was a judgment call on Sinta to stand her ground and not sell out on her principles for whatever reason. So too with you. Needless to say, I admire the likes of you.

Take care Ateng. And thank you for this.

Pinost ni Jet @ 10/07/2003 11:12 PM MST

sienna...i love your advise and love you, not in the deepest side of it, baka magalit si mister mo and mrs ko. you are a very trojan woman. i like going to battle with you, sa likod ako. tks for the wonderful world of advise. i will continue to blog on.

Pinost ni in fraternam meam @ 10/06/2003 01:38 PM MST

Hi Mel...

Think of the WWW as the miniature world we actually live in - there are places to learn, have fun, meet people, fall in love, find employment, etc. But like the real world, there are also dark alleys where deceit, trickery and lies abound. These are the 'bad neighborhoods' on the internet.

In life the 'bad places' don't stop you from living. You just take care of yourself and then you better yourself and your own place to let people know that the world is stil a good place to be in. We do the same on the web. We better our sites still in order for people to see, that tho there are bad places there are a lot more better ones.

Don't be scared... blog on. Share your thoughts, your humor. Share yourself. A thief can only steal the clothes and jewelry you wear but he cannot steal YOU. Like so, a plagiarist can steal the words of your site, but he cannot steal the soul and heart of the site because YOU alone have that.

Pinost ni ate sienna @ 10/06/2003 08:18 AM MST

sienna...i am new to this blog thing. m still a virgin(not physically) reading your blog, do i have to be scared doing the blog?are there rules or guidelines that i have to follow. looks like mainit ang labanan, as i interpret your blog. if i misinterpreted it differently, my apologies .can u fill me in? i thought blogging is supposed to be fun? that is the reason i invited myself (tks to jet n jay)i look at the blog, as an avenue of pouring out of sentiments and loneliness and happiness and also jokes and lots of good things. am i right to say, "i did not know there is also intrigue?" can u help this poor lost soul find answers to my querries?

Pinost ni ate sienna @ 10/06/2003 03:04 AM MST

Hi Sinta... it struck a personal chord kasi when some posters started making fun about what she looked like. plus the latest postings on the comments are getting to be disappointing for me.

I hope you have a great week, too!

Pinost ni ate sienna @ 10/05/2003 02:57 PM MST

my apologies to the admin of boys suck. I have taken out the link on a previous entry pointing them as a possible other site of the plagiarist.

again, apologies for any confusion this has made.

Pinost ni ate sienna @ 10/05/2003 01:41 PM MST

it seems you've got some of your information a bit mixed up. in your 9/10 post, you claimed that boys suck is the website of a ms. keiko. we are not affiliated in any way with keiko. PLEASE in the future check your information? there's a full disclaimer on our site.

Pinost ni boys suck admin @ 10/05/2003 01:15 PM MST

And I'll link you back too :) I'm finding so many link backs to me and no one tells me that they've linked me! Argh.. A link back deserves another link back as well ^^ *hugs* Again, your post really brightened up my day. Thanks again.

Pinost ni Sinta @ 10/05/2003 11:16 AM MST

...what can I say? I really needed someone to tell me that. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! To be honest, I'm usually not scared to just state my opinions so bluntly, but in this case i was scared. Because I have a lot of friends in the BP. But I couldn't help feeling that we were doing something wrong.

Y'know I agree with you wholeheartedly. She should be punished, but not by humiliating her on the internet. So I want to say thank you. ^_^ You are really like an 'Ate'.

Pinost ni Sinta @ 10/05/2003 11:15 AM MST


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