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I’m pretty sure that I would have visitors for this entry who might not know my “gay speak” lingo. So I’ll be writing this entry in English for them :)

Pearlyn is my husband, Jun’s, niece from his youngest brother, Gary. Right from the start, even without meeting her yet, I am already impressed with this cute little girl.

You see, Gary and his wife, Becky are both deaf, although they were not born so. That’s why Pearl and her baby brother, Gabe both can speak and hear. It’s amazing how a child can understand the difference between both worlds. She knows that when she talks to other people, she can be heard, but when she talks with her mom and dad, she needs to sign. She knows that in order for her to be “heard” by mommy and daddy, she needs to make sure that her mom and dad can see her sign. These she discovered on her own. Which would be different for her brother, Gabe, when he grows up a bit more, because he would have his big sister to teach him about the two worlds.

I find Pearl so awesome because when she started to learn to communicate, she not only had to learn from her relatives how to speak and know the meaning of words, but she also had to know how to sign them. She had to learn from her parents how to communicate with them using ASL (American Sign Language). And for a child who’s only 3 years old going 4, her vocabulary of the spoken and signed language is already astounding! That’s a very bright girl for me.

So after she’s warmed up to me (after about two weekends), she’s already teaching me how to sign. She taught me how to sign names of animals. different colors, “eggs”, “rice”, “flower”, “no”, “yes”, and a little bit more. And I’m really enjoying it because the only sign language I know is the alphabet. And believe me, after awhile, it gets tiring to be spelling out words all the time.

Last weekend, to give her Lola more time to do her gardening, Jun and I took Pearl to the National Zoo in Washington, DC. I’ve been missing my own nephews and niece ever since I got their latest pictures that being with Pearl last Sunday filled the void inside me a little. She touched my heart so much because on the drive going to the zoo, she held my hand and arranged our fingers inbetween each other’s. And that’s how it stayed the rest of the trip. I was holding hands with this pretty, intelligent little girl who’s fast becoming one of my favorite persons in the world. In the zoo, she was looking at all the animals with so much awe in her face. She enjoyed each of the animals – big or smal, calling out all their namesl. And Jun and I were just enjoying being with her.

It was a perfect Sunday for me.



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